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Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 Batch #8

Bursting with Pom Seeds
(image by rmp, that's me)
Wow!  It has been almost a year since I did my last Pom Seed update.  I suppose my (partial) hiatus from all things (online) social put a small dapper on things.  There really has not been too much to add.  In finding my way back into the blogging world, I have found use of several pom seeds over the past month.  I have also managed to add a few tweetoetries lastly. 

Just a quick refresher on what a pom seed is:  little tidbits of inspiration that come about yet have not grown and developed into something more--what that more might be, well that's the fun of it.  For more on pom seeds, you can check out the Pom Seeds page which goes into a bit of detail about how these came about and check out some of the pom seeds that have yet to burst.
While originally my batches only presented the new and 'leftover' pom seeds, it has grown into including tweetoetry and ramblings.  As for the ramblings....sometimes they have the potential to be a pom seed and some a tweetoetry; ususually at the time I jot them down they don't feel like much of either.  Unfortunately, this ends up making my batches quite long.  To cut down on this, old ramblings and leftover pom seeds will be listed if they grew into a tasty treat; the rest will be delegated to the Pom Seeds page.  As always, tweetoetry is only new. goes...

Pom Seeds Batch #8
  • I want to cry like a waterfall; I want to cry like the clouds in a thunder storm
  • wake me from this nightmare; breathe life back into my bruised and battered soul; I am lost and fading fast
  • whose to say what will rise from the ashes; the mystical wings of the phoenix; the untapped beauty of Cinder-Soot (this one sprouted wings in From the Ashes)
  • your piercing gaze; disturbs my equilibrium; I teeter between who I wish you to see; and who I am beneath the surface (this one found balance in Beneath the Veil)
  • the world melts away; whenever my eyes meet yours; I am swept along; lost in a sea of regret; floating endlessly (this one found shore in Adrift in Regret)
  • social endeavors; breed paranoid delusions; in whispers and taunts; unheard words that brush the neck (this one found itself lost in questions with Irrational Illusions)
  • I've taken time to breathe; stilled my tapping fingers; capped my quill's inkwell; only to find myself suffocating (this one sprouted into Drowning in Words)
  • still; I hold each breath; as tears perch; on my eyelids
Ramblings (bold = new; italics = became a poem)
  • uncertainty troubles the mind 
  • I need to get out of my head ~ stop festering on those things out of my control 
  • he walks backwards / along a fine line with ease / not batting an eye / through his omission
  • ~ I'm tired ~ tired of smiling ~ it takes too much energy ~ wears on me ~ eroding me from the inside out ~
  • sleep evades my tired body ~ dancing before my eyelids ~ taunting my restless mind ~ I so long to just...
  • senses flare ~ with every breath we share (this one sprouted into a Framed Couplet called Falling Deep)
  • weep with me until every last tear is wrung from your dehydrated body (this along with the three that follow stitched themselves together in Longing for Someone)
  • walk with me until the soles of your feet are stripped raw to the bone
  • wail with me until your lungs can no longer bear the fire searing their walls
  • Am I the only one who finds the silence deafening?
  • I'm not sure this 'quiet' suits me.  My voice is having a hard time finding its footing--the words keep slipping away unable to take hold.
  • I'm trying to find my way back.  I can't keep hugging this tree hoping someone will find me.  (this one--or at least part of it--grew into a quadrilew in Forest Fears)
  • I need to get out of my own head!
  • lock the door to your heart ~ I have a tendency to escape (this one unlocked itself in Your Open Heart)
  • I just had a conversation with myself ~ the men with straightjackets must be salivating at the mouth (this one and the next two worked themselves together into When They Come)
  • when they come to take me away ~ will the padded cell be firm enough ~ to protect my mind from bombarding thoughts
  • when they come to take me away ~ will the straightjacket be strong enough ~ to protect me from my mind

  • my mom use to say; we're never lost; we're just misplaced (this one navigated itself into Direction Impaired)
  • what will become of me; when I squeeze; the last bit of ink; out of my veins (this one spilled forth into Bleeding Black)
  • I'm not a shot of coffee; there when you need a pick me up; I'm not a 24 hour convenience store; open to satisfy your midnight cravings (this one frothed up in Booty Call--Outgoing Message)


~Laugh or Cry

so horribly wrong
I cannot help but laugh
at the absurdity
for fear I might cry

#85 (haiku)

whispering winds creep
along weeping willow trees
stirring wonderous dreams

#86 (haiku-ish)

"as you wish" echoes
stitching up a wounded heart
proving true love lives

~ identity = zero ~

add me to the equation
and nothing changes
like a mirror
I reflect
what you expect to see
I'm worth nothing

#88 (haiku)

cool passing winds spark
whispers amongst the leaves--
gossip burns her ears
~To Grow and Expand

as we grow each day
spaces between
need to be filled
for love to expand

#90 (haiku)
~Graceful Wishes

dandelion seeds
dance along gentle breezes--
wistful adagio

#91 (haiku)

I go through phases
a loon-er cycle of sorts
offset by the moon

~Awaken Me

will you sing to me
in tongues
only my heart
will understand?

#93 (septolet)
~Flow Once More

I miss
the words
that once tickled
every sense.

fingers itch
to rediscover

#94 (haiku)

there's a storm brewing
thunder rumbles annoyance
at lightenings leaving

~Snap Shot~

his focus has shifted
making me blurry eyed in the background
as he imprints her image across his heart

~Fare Thee Well

wake me
when the hour for goodbyes
has passed
so I might let go of you
in my own time

#97 (tanka)
~ Glass Box ~

always on display
forces cautionary tales
meand to hid what's real
flash photography reflects
the images painted on glass

#98 (senryu)
~Small Please

did she take one look
and hear large when I ordered
listening with her eyes


creepy critters crawl crazily
'cross cresting creeks
craving cranberry crepes

~ bitc[beach x]

Did you know it's summer,
a weekend and sunny?
Traveling south is a beach!

#101 (tanka)
~Let It Pour

feel thunder rumble
frustrated with unshed tears
mirroring my mind
darkened thoughts rally against
raindrops frozen in tear ducts

#102 (septolet)
~Quench Me

your taste
lingers still
a biting thirst

inflamed lips
your quenching kiss

#103 (tanka)
~Waves of Love

sunlight fades on us
as the sun kisses the sea
while lavish waves crest
our desire becomes unhinged
surging beneath the moon's glow

#104 (septolet)
~Warm Me

you slip
beneath the covers
of my heart

your warm
my resolve

~Iced Coffee

a headach brews
alongside caffeine
blood streams - screams
awaiting the elixir
to ice
eye-shattering pain
pouring over synapses

Friday, August 10, 2012

2 Can I Have This Dance?: Rape (of Innocence): Wash Away the Pain

Title:  Holy Water
Artist:  Big & Rich
Album:  Horse of a Different Color
Genre:  Country

Notes:  Okay, so I may have cheated a little this week.  I wrote the first line of this poem without any song in mind.  After writing it--uncertain of where I wanted to go with it--thinking it a little close to a recent line, "senses flare with every breath we share,"  especially since the original write of the line said we instead of they...(is anyone else lost?)...

Anyway, after thinking about were this line might lead, I thought of an old poem I had written which was based on the song choice for this week.  The poem Rape (of Innocence) was written quite some time ago based off a Three Word Wednesday prompt [3WW=>abstain, halo, prayer]; my second poem inspired by this amazing community.  I later followed it up with Rape (of Innocence):  Memories Unraveled--a poem inspired from One Shoot Sunday; my first venture into the One Stop Poetry community--though it no longer exists, the poets (including myself) have found a new hangout over at dVerse Poets Pub.  (did I loose myself again?)....  Anyway....with a little bit of contemplation, I realized that this line had the potential to explore the next stage of the original.  I have included the original as a point of reference.

A (Form) Aside:  The first poem is related to the haiku (though much older), sedoka.  Since there is not much on the sedoka out there, I can guarantee that I employ it as it was meant to be, but during my first introduction to the form, it was said that each stanza could be a poem in and of itself.  Yet what interested me the most and probably why it tends to be one of my favorite forms (besides the fact that you don't have to worry about meter or rhyme) is because the two stanza address the same topic from different points of view.  I think that kind of adds a neat dimension to the poem.

The second poem--today's poem--is a monotetra.  Truthfully every time I think of this form, I feel as though it is meant to be upbeat.  This poem is definitely not.  But there is nothing that says the topic has to be fun.  This is my second attempt at writing in this form.

Rape (of Innocence)
the tarnished halo
marred by his need for power
lies next to the one he stole
she kneels down in prayer
searching for answers and peace
robbed of her choice to abstain

Rape (of Innocence): Wash Away the Pain
Each breath they share awakens fears.
Old pains—unwanted souvenirs—
infiltrate defenses like spears.
oh how it sears! oh how it sears!
His words unwittingly transport,
inciting dread. As thoughts contort,
emotions blooming now distort.
no words can thwart! no words can thwart!
How long can he just hold her hand?
He’ll never truly understand,
but still he whispers love so grand.
remove the brand! remove the brand!
She craves his touch to ease her woe
and help her fight this phantom foe.
She longs to finally let go.
the tears must flow! the tears must flow!
His gaze reveals a truth so real;
their love has started to steel
the terror. Soon his kiss will heal.
once more she’ll feel! at last she feel!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Woe•be•gone

on uneasy feet he stands.
hollow eyes accentuate
his drawn face
as his world crumbles
he longs to lay down beside her

(his love
 his sweet
 his own
 Annabel Lee)

okay so I'm not really sure how I got from the Three Word Wednesday prompt [3WW=>crumble(s), drawn, uneasy] to this.  By the time I got to the end (before the parentheses), I was  thinking about Edgar Allen Poe's poem Annabel Lee.  I'm not sure what it is about this poem, but I've always been kind of partial to it.  Than again, I just generally enjoy Poe's twisted works.  

Truth is I'm not sure I should add the part in parentheses, thus the ( ).  I don't know....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

12 Last Call: Falling Deep

Falling Deep

Senses flare with every breath we share;
pent up hungers caught most unaware.
Every touch sends shivers—tender waves
bent on driving us wild ‘til we’re slaves
chained together by desires that singe;
claiming us ‘til we become unhinged.

Tensions build with every touch we dare,
rendering us free—no more despair.
Weeks of fighting fade; our fevered thirst
sweetens harsh words spoken at our worst.
Rapt, we find ourselves dissolving fast,
trapped within a love we know will last.

Note on Form:  This is my second go at framed couplets.  Starting and ending a line on a stress throws me off a bit--not really sure why--but in the end, it think it sounds pretty nice.

This is my offerings for this weeks dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

0 Time Capsule: I Live On

Title:  I Live On
Date:  between 04/07/92 and 01/28/93
Setting:  Junior year of high school
Form:  Free Verse

I am but a mere image.
I live through others’ memories.
In their mind, in their soul,
My place is in their heart.
I am nothing but a mirage.
I exist through others’ feelings.
In their love, in their anger,
My presence is in their tears.
I am no more than a grain of salt.
I strive through those I touched.
In their lives, in their existence,
My being is within them.

Notes:  This piece was most likely written in December or January.  It was written during basketball season.  I recall this because the boy's basketball coached passed away during the season.  

Artifact I:  An initial copy with a minor change from the original marked.