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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9 Sevenling (To my angel) & Last Call (At the Sidewalk Cafe)

Sevenling (To my angel)

To my angel (you know who you are),
Silence is golden, liberating & lonely;  
the latter is the most haunting.  
To my angel (for whom silence seems a new word),  
I was (am) content, satisfied, & appreciative  
to hide in the rarity of reciprocal visits.  

My dear sweet angel, thank you for carrying my voice through the doors.

Last Call (At the Sidewalk Cafe)

anxiety spikes
(unusually so as of late)
each time Mr. Linky
steps up to introduce me.

he looks at the note card in hand
announcing the next performer
and knowingly looks stage left.

the last time these spells arose
I disappeared  left  went into hiding.
scarcely a word escaped
leaving only silence in my wake.

upon return I waited for last call 
closing time, when most had come & gone.
leaving only a few stragglers to see my frays.  

how brazen I got
as time passed and words flowed;
it's like a roller coaster though  ups & downs 
but those drops lift me out of my seat.

so here I sit now at the sidewalk cafe
listening to the voices spill out the doors & 
tip my hat as they leave for the night.

& I scribble away in my notebook
for no one else but me
and the occasional passerby
who sits down with a smile to share.

another silent contribution....

they'll be opening up the doors over at the dVerse Poets Pub at 3:00 pm (EST), so if you get a chance to stop in, check out some wonderful talents showcasing their voices today and tomorrow.