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...don't open...don't throw away... is not disappearing completely (not yet),
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Friday, May 27, 2011

1 photo array

Blushing Bloom
(image by rmp, that's me)

this is my attempt to make up for slacking on the fifth rule for this blog, "Must include at least one image per week within a post."  so i walked around and snapped a photo or two or three or...

(image by rmp, that's me)

this watering can is like me...empty, abandoned, and alone...but pretty in pink!

Follow the Leader
(image by rmp, that's me)

the bottom of each of these turtles has a name on in it.  one for each of my nieces and nephews.  i wonder who the leader is?

Silent Roar
(image by rmp, that's me)

i should have turned the fountain on before snapping this image.  my dad always wanted a pair of lion statues to sit on either side of the drive...but the driveway's U-shaped and four would be over kill (ha ha...kill...).  then we thought maybe on either side of the walkway leading to the front of the house, but it is kind of narrow and the lions would have been too big for the space.  i thought he'd never get his lions...but as you can see i was wrong.

Safely Tucked In
(image by rmp, that's me)

i love the way this little tree drapes over the flowers...almost like it is sheltering them...gathering the close in its arms and keeping them safe.

Sprinkled in Pinks
(image by rmp, that's me)

i admit...when it comes to flowers...i have a thing for pink.  i can appreciate flowers in general, but pinks (and purples) have a way of bringing a smile to my face...brightening my day...lifting my spirits...touching my heart....

Dopey Grin
(image by rmp, that's me)
he's always been my favorite of the seven.  the goofiness...the lack of verbal communication...the over sized clothes...that broad grin.  sometimes i wonder what it would be like to not have to communicate through gestures and expressions.  it would probably get frustrating after awhile.  i admit that in the past when the incessant talking of my students was too much to handle, i'd go into mute mode.  it is amazing how their focus changes and their questions become more direct and inquisitive.  luckily math is a relatively easy subject to do that with.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 double: Proposal & LUST


her grin widened
as his jumble of words
took shape
laying out their love
naked between them
her eyes glistened
like diamonds
as "yes" escaped her lips

this sweet little ditty erupted as i drove home earlier this evening from work.  inspired by Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>grin, jumble, naked].

just as i got ready to hit publish, i got an eerie feeling.  after checking the date, i realize that this is the last Wednesday of the month.  in keeping with tradition, today's 3WW should be a clarity poem.  so let's see what i got...



transfixed by her grin
naked, flushed and wanting
his thoughts became a jumble

"cravings for a taste of pure bliss."

that took awhile to manifest. at first i thought to transform the first poem some how to fit this form...but that wasn't happening. then, i admit, i got it is a amazing though how i pondered the words for so long trying so many different 'start' words and when i finally let go of the 'start' word, focused on the 3WW, and worked on how they might fit to make the middle, it came to me like a flash.

5 Shine

you put me on a shelf and stare at me
hold me on a pedestal as though i were a queen
but you don't listen to a word i say
nor see the tears that stain my face
you look at me like i'm a prize
and i'm tired, so tired of living this lie

i'm lettin' go
throwin' it all away
pushin' you aside
don't bother askin' me to stay
'cause i'm gone
i'm out-a-here
gonna take back my heart
wipe away my own tears
and shine
in a love that's all mine

oh, you act like we got it going on
parade around like their ain't nothing wrong
but you don't see i've fallen behind
lost in a world that's no longer mine
boy, how could i have been such a fool
to think you could love me the way i love you

i'm lettin' go
throwin' it all away
pushin' you aside
don't bother askin' me to stay
'cause i'm gone
i'm out-a-here
gonna take back my heart
wipe away my own tears
and shine
i'm gonna shine
shine in a love that's all mine

the first two line were burned into my head long ago when faced with an OSP's One Shoot Sunday challenge (not sure i ever found out what it was a picture of).  i did not actually end up using these two line for that prompt. anyway...when they first came to me, i heard them as a song with a bit of a bite. about forty days later i tweeted the next two lines as an addition to the first. somehow i found my way back to it last week...added a couple more lines to finish off the first part. today...i toyed a bit more. i'm not a hundred percent sold on it. not sure about the refrain, but i'm throwing it out there anyway to the community that first inspired it. thus, this is my offering to OSP's One Shot Wednesday.

i'm not sure what possessed me to do this...but i wouldn't hit play if i were you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

0 scheme of things

it seems after a month of forgoing my blog rules (took off the month of April to post a poem a day)...i am having trouble getting back into the scheme of things.  i believe the only rule that has actually suffered is the "must include at least one image per week within a post."  i have missed the past three weeks...  overall quantity (not necessarily quality) has also taken a small dip from what it was prior to April.  i suppose i could just be working on getting my groove back. 

i'm also thinking about returning to my roots (pencil and paper).  in light of this, i think i may have to adjust rule #4 slightly...i'll have to think on that for a bit.

Monday, May 23, 2011

1 Tale of Love and Woe: The Uncertainty

Check out the first part of the ballad in Act I - The Knight
Check out the second part of the ballad in Act II - The Princess
Check out the third part of the ballad in Act III - The Meeting
Check out the fourth part of the ballad in Act IV - The Dilemma

Act V - The Uncertainty

It happened quite some time ago
when dragons roamed the land
and princesses wed not for love
for kings gave 'way their hands

our princess finds herself engrossed
from secret rendezvous
to bouts upon the practice yard
her world is all askew

while soon the tournament will come
and test her strength of will
she dwells not on what choice she'll make
nor blood she'll  have to spill

instead she dreams her heart away
and hopes their love is strong
for should she have to face her knight
she fears she'll do him wrong

so onward goes our tale of love
in shadows full of woe
our princess still knows not her will
nor how she'll face this foe

well, what was suppose to be a simple little exploration of the ballad form has gone way too far.  and still it is far from over.  it's been two months since the last installment, how long before the next?  and what decision will she make?  will Act VI - The Tournament end the ballad and her chance at love?  is this whole girl dresses up as boy, girl meets boys, girl dressed up as boy hurts boy, girl and boy fall in love, etc too over done?  should i just let this tale end with all these questions unanswered?  do i let it end like a sappy romance should? or tear it apart like the real world often does?  i guess i'll have to wait until the next act to see what will befall this tale...

i think it might be time for A Tale of Love and Woe to get its own page...

5 Rite of Passage

The sun does favor you today.
By casting you in brilliant light,
your masculinity shines bright.

A warrior you well portray
with head held high. My heart does sigh
as thoughts of mine do go astray.

I blush to think of such a night.
The sun does favor you this day.

The wind does favor you today.
So young and brave our fledgling knight,
to stand before us all with might.

The catching breeze gives naught away;
it billows red to frame your head
and hides the rest to my dismay.

Yet still you are a tasty sight.
The wind does favor you this day.

Photo by Walter Parada
so i missed yesterday's One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with Walter Parada]...missed might be a bit off.  i saw the image in the morning, let some ideas roll around in my head as i often do, settled on a concept and well never managed to find time to put it all together.  while a little disappointed (with myself for allowing myself to get waylaid), i thought to move on...that and figured i might be able to incorporate it into One Stop Poetry's Form Monday.  when i saw today's form was about the octain again, i didn't think i could fit my concept into eight lines...but low and behold today expanded the octain into a high octain (double octain)...and after some thought...this was a plausible possibility.  so alas, while it is the same concept, i did take it from a slightly different direction, leaving out some of my original thoughts (the snickering old biddies would definitely have been a treat)...but i think in the end it worked out okay...maybe...