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Friday, December 28, 2012

4 CIHTD?: Take Care, Honey

Title:  Hate Me
Artist:  Blue October
Album:  Foiled
Genre:  Alternative

Notes:  There are three little words that use to come out of my mouth unhindered; they spoke to my poor self-worth and in complete contrast to the words I longed to hear (from myself as well as others).  It took awhile, but I finally trained those words out of my system.  Well, not completely,  but the no longer plague me the same way that they use to.  I'm certain it is those three little words that attracted me to this song.  Even though this is not a self-loathing song, there are elements of that in it I would think.

As I began to listen past the refrain, I found a multitude of interesting lines that feed the imagination quite well--several that strike home in ways not intended by the song.  I'm not sure who the 'she' is, if there are more than one 'she', or even if there is a 'she'.  There are many ways I can take this verse, both on a personal level and depending on the 'she'.

Take Care, Honey
the war isn't quite over yet,
just a simple battle won.
and while I wish I could stay--
continue this fight with you,
you've made this goodbye quite clear.
so here I stand miles away
while your war still rages on
and though you hope to protect--
pushing me away from you,
my heart will never let go.
I will continue to cry
for you--for the us that could
have been; and I will hate you
for today, for tomorrow;
I will hate you for always.
but I'll never, no never,
stop loving you; you will fill
my dreams as you always have
and I'll find what's good for me
whether it be you or not.
just promise you'll continue
to fight--look in the mirror
and see all that you are, all
you can be; all you couldn't
see reflected in my eyes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7 Last Call: HONE


limber fingers move
deftly 'cross wires as
time threatens to detonate

"tedious practice sharpens skills."

I know all of you over at Three Word Wednesday wait with bated breath for the last Wednesday of the month when I attempt to compose a clarity pyramid out of three words [3WW=detonate, limber tedious].  It took a bit of effort, but it did come together in the end.  Part of me was hoping to find a way to incorporate the explosive theme into the last line, but with just eight syllables its not such an easy task.

With the holiday, I've decided to double up this week and so (while not much of a holiday piece)...

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2 Time Capsule: Awakening

Title:  Awakening:  the road ahead
Date: 02/21/2000
Setting:  Life after collage--during first post-college job
Form:  Free verse

Bridge freezes before road surface,
Slow road curves ahead,
Slippery when wet,
Hidden driveway,
Deer crossing,
Dead end.
As we look at the road ahead,
we can’t help but hesitate
and look back.
Nine years we have spent
in this womb;
Grown in the sanctity
of these walls
Pampered, pacified, spoiled
and on occasions
given a swift kick
in the ________.
We can see the hand outstretched
The hand which has held ours
for so long.
The one we fought,
yanked at and rebelled against,
wanting to pull away.
Now with it all too willing to let go,
We realize we have only our own
two feet
to hold us up on this new journey.
We've been warned,
of the pot holes,
the speed bumps,
the other drivers,
even of the road rage;
that of others and
our own.
We can only hope that as we come
to each new intersection,
We take heed of all
the hand has taught us.
The path will not be easy.
We know we shall
bruise a knee or two,
But we will rise.
more courageous,
and more determined
to find our way.
Even those among us,
who may still be naive enough
to see only a perfect road;
who may still be foolish enough
to ignore the speed limit,
will soon be awakened
as they spin uncontrollably
on the black ice.
They too will gain control
And we will conquer
these obstacles.
We will succeed!!

Notes:  This time capsule has two stops. 

Stop 1--My first job had me working in a K-8 school.  I had the opportunity to work with grades ranging from 2nd all the way up to 8th.  Towards the end of my second year, I composed this poem for a group of students who I had had two years in a row.  They ended up reading the poem during graduation.

Stop 2--During my second job, I assisted a Language Arts teacher in a project she was doing with her class, the Cocoa Bean Cafe.  She had her students take the poems they had written, find images to reflect their words and create a PowerPoint that would run as they presented their poem at the Cocoa Bean Cafe (her classroom all decked up with snacks and cocoa to boot).  After, I worked with several of the students to turn their work into a vodcast using PhotoStory.  Of course before I could do any of this I had to test things out myself; so I took Awakening...and thus came, my first youtube poem.  (Not that there are many of them.) 

Artifact I:  This is an image of the poster created with this poem.

Artifact II:  My video of the poem.