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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 Last Call: Stealing Shadows

Stealing Shadows

In the shadows of who I long to be,
I stand waiting for you to take my hand;
steel my fears, so I might finally shine
and rejoice in the warmth of light's sweet kiss.
There's so much in me longing to break free!

Yet here I am wandering in this wasteland,
consumed by darkness both inside and out,
blindly searching for you to take my hand.

It's naive of me to think you'll wipe away doubt--
stealing my fears.  Oh how I long to shine,
unearthing the me striving to break out.

and rejoice in the warmth of light's sweet kiss.
Still the darkness muffles my cries and shouts.
I'm scared I shall live forever like this.

There is so much in me longing to break free,
but I'm lost, wandering this wasteland.
Fears steal my will making it hard to shine.
I'm scared I will forever live like this
in the shadows of who I long to be.

This one took quite some effort.  Although part of that would be due to an overwhelming amount of work-related stress stealing my motivation to do much more than focus on breathing.  I started this on Monday in the hopes of making it into dVerse Poets Pub by Tuesday.  I finished about a third of it (though given the repetition of lines that isn't saying much).  Tuesday, unfortunately, disappeared from me leaving me to finish it today.  I'm impressed I managed to make it in before last call.  It's actually been awhile since I made my way through the doors this late.  Although I am quite familiar with taking the stage so late.  I think I actually prided myself in doing so.  

This particular expanded nota sprouts from a pom seed.

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.


  1. those last 2 lines are heartfelt...there is a fear in leaving the comfort zone or the does bring comfort at times...but there is fear in straying as well...i hear the longing in this though...and you know the harder the birth of a piece sometimes the better...smiles...glad you made it...

    hope that work stress works out though...smiles.

  2. sometimes i think that fear is our worst blocks us off the road to freedom and joy.. most of the fears are also quite irrational and puff up like big elephants while in reality they're only small mice..ugh...felt write..

  3. yes fear is pesky
    i guess the answer is one step at a time?
    shadows long sometimes can be shorter other times =)

  4. Love this - especially the close, which speaks of a fear many, many people have.

  5. Last two lines were great, whole poem was great, but those lines took it out of the abstract into reality.

  6. First the title is eye-catching ~

    Second, I like the idea of shadows stealing the light and urge to shine ~ I can relate to the fear, wandering in the wasteland, not knowing if I can make it ~

    Appreciate your words ~ Cheers ~